House of Hamsters

Welcome to House of Hamsters! NFT game with a Play to Earn – Think to Win concept, combining decision-making skills with the excitement of poker. Enjoy Texas Hold'em and earn cryptocurrency.
House of Hamsters is all about boosting your cognitive abilities and developing intellectual thinking! It creates situations where you need to make thoughtful choices within a short time span. The better you play and analyze your opponents' moves, the more experience, Luck points, and $HAMC tokens you'll rack up. So, your clever thinking and quick decision-making directly impact your earnings within the game!
In House of Hamsters, cute little hamsters compete in a game of Texas Hold'em to win $HAMC tokens (these are BEP20 tokens based on the BNB Chain smart contract).
With its user-friendly interface and captivating gameplay, House of Hamsters offers a whole new level of decision-making and engagement. Our goal is to bring in ‘thousands’ of players who might not be familiar with and/or are new to Web3 and give them the chance to dive into the exciting world of GameFi.
Please Note: Currently House of Hamsters is in the beta development stage for mobile applications. The information provided on this website is subject to changes and updates as we continue to develop the game.
Last modified 4mo ago