Governance Token: HOH (House of Hamsters)

$HOH is a limited issuance SPL token based on the Solana smart contract. It is secured according to the Solana hybrid protocol "Proof of Stake" (PoS) and the concept that Solana calls "Proof of History" (PoH).

$HOH is the key token of the House of Hamsters ecosystem, which governs the in-game economy, ensuring its stability and allowing players to monetize their activity and play to earn. You can store $HOH tokens and manage them directly from the HOH Wallet.

Token Use Cases:

  • For betting (cash games and MTT tournaments)

  • Payment block on the Marketplace

  • For leveling up characters

  • For breeding characters

  • For providing liquidity on exchanges.

$HOH in numbers

Token $HOH Distribution:

This token is deflationary, as 30% of the total supply will be burned gradually. This reduces the supply in the market and increases its value. Information and confirmation of token burning will be published on our social media channels.

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