Gaming Token: HAMC (Hamsters Coin)

The token $HAMC has unlimited issuance and serves as the utility token in the House of Hamsters ecosystem. It is used for various in-game operations. Users can earn $HAMC tokens as a reward for participating in game mechanics and completing in-game tasks.

This is the official in-game currency of House of Hamsters, used for leveling up characters, restoring energy, breeding, and converting into the $HOH token. You can store, convert, send, and receive $HAMC tokens from other users in our HOH Wallet.

Mechanism of burning $HAMC (destruction)

$HAMC is burned:

  • Leveling up characters

  • Restoring character energy

  • Breeding characters

We are also preparing new opportunities for using the $HAMC token in the House of Hamsters ecosystem. Information about new features will be published here.

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