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Referral Program

First part: Rewards in Tokens, Experience, and Luck

The HoH game referral program will be an excellent opportunity to receive a pleasant bonus for a certain period for each friend you invite to House of Hamsters and who regularly uses the HoH app. Anyone can become a participant in the program, and your effectiveness in the program will always be in your hands.
As the referral program in HoH game is designed for players to earn a share of their friends' $HAMC expenses within the House of Hamsters app as a referral reward. The referral period is limited, and the more friends you invite, the longer the referral period will be.

How it works

  1. 1.
    Each House of Hamsters player will find their unique referral code in Profile → Referral Program, with the option to copy and share the code easily with a friend you want to recommend to join House of Hamsters. The code remains unchanged and can be easily integrated in the "Referral Program" section. In that section you will also find a list of all your invited friends and be able to track the bonus they will receive.
  2. 2.
    Share this code with the friend you want to invite. They will need to install the House of Hamsters app (from the App Store or Google Play Market) and enter this code during the registration process. After activating the referral code during registration, the person will become your invited friend within the House of Hamsters app.
  3. 3.
    After the registration your friends will receive their bonus - 30 experience points and 30 luck points. This reward will allow them to level up their character faster in the House of Hamsters app and increase their earnings! From that moment the referral period begins.
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    For each invited friend you will receive 7% of the $HAMC spent by your friend in House of Hamsters during the referral period.
The earned rewards will be displayed in Profile → Referral Program with the option to transfer them to the account balance.
Thus, over the next few days (depending on the duration of the applied referral period), each of the following ways your invited friends spend $HAMC will reward you with 7% of the spent $HAMC amount on:
  • Leveling up Free Hamsters or NFT Hamsters
  • Restoring energy after competitions for Free Hamsters or NFT Hamsters
Please note: You will not receive bonuses from your friends' purchases on the Trading Platform, transfers of tokens from the Account Balance to the In-Game Wallet, or token withdrawals from the app.
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    Keep track of your invited friends and available rewards in Profile → Referral Program. To transfer your received bonuses from your friends' spending in the House of Hamsters app to your account balance, click on the "Transfer" button.
The duration of the referral period depends on the number of friends you invite to House of Hamsters:
  • 1–20 friends: 30 days
  • 21–120 friends: 45 days
  • 121–600 friends: 60 days
  • 601 friends and more: 90 days
E.g. if you invite 15 friends, the referral period will be 30 days. If you invite an additional 100 friends, it will be increased by 15 days, making it a total of 45 days.
Please note that if you invite enough friends to extend the referral period, and it will be extended for all your friends whose referral period has not expired yet. If your friend's referral period has already expired at the time of the extension, it will not be prolonged for them.

Your reward for inviting a friend to House of Hamsters

In the Profile → Referral Program section, you will find "My Friends" section with all the detailed information about the friends who activated your referral code and became your referrals:
  • User ID
  • Invitation Date - the day when your friend activated your Referral Code
  • Days Left - the number of days remaining until the end of the Referral Period
  • Spent by Player - the number of tokens your friend spent since registering in the app
  • Your Earnings - the number of tokens, equivalent to 7% of $HAMC spent by your friend during the Referral Period
  • Your Diamonds - the number of diamonds earned by your friends for taking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in energy competitions within 1 month from the registration date. Diamonds are needed to acquire Skins.

Second part: Obtaining Skins

Our referral program offers not only tokens, experience, and luck but also Skins (outfits) for your characters.
Note: NFT glasses and NFT hats are not included in Skins.
With Skins, you can dress up your character according to your taste and stand out among other players.
The cost of one Skin = 1 Diamond 💎
To obtain 1 Diamond 💎, your invited friend needs to take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in energy competitions 10 times within 1 month from the registration date.
In the Profile → Referral Program → Skins section, you can purchase any outfits for Hamsters using Diamonds.