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We're not just about poker! House of Hamsters introduces a revolutionary NFT game with the Think-to-Earn concept, featuring Texas Hold'em as the competitive card game.

Key Advantages:

NFT game: Our mechanics address a major challenge in NFT games – the lack of real earning potential. Unlike pyramid schemes, we offer a genuine source of income. The core of our revenue comes from token games (rake), similar to the $3.5 billion generated by online poker rooms last year.
GameFi Integration: We've combined GameFi with poker, setting us apart in the market. This integration not only introduces new opportunities to the poker industry but also positions us as the first poker room with unlimited earning potential and no mandatory investments.
Token Circulation Strategy: Our concept promotes token circulation within the project through token gaming. Users can choose to hold and reinvest earned tokens, contributing to increased earnings and rewards for both NFT owners and free character users.
Reduced Token Withdrawals: Playing with tokens reduces overall token withdrawals, earned through gamification and NFTs. This incentivizes users to hold tokens within the project, enhancing the ecosystem.
Motivation for Holding Tokens: The option to play with tokens motivates users to hold tokens for various reasons – playing with higher stakes or bypassing energy regeneration, for example.
Gamification and Competitions: Our gamification and competitions attract a diverse user base to House of Hamsters, ensuring that every user has the chance to earn $HAMC tokens.
These advantages set House of Hamsters apart in the gaming and NFT space, offering players a truly innovative and rewarding experience.
Excluding earnings from marketplace commissions, we have the potential for much higher earnings compared to many other NFT games, making the House of Hamsters project more resilient in challenging market situations.
For instance, we can always allocate a portion of the rake income to provide additional prize payouts to users. This ensures a reserve fund, guaranteeing that our users always receive their rewards regardless of the market situation.