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Lootbox is drawn among 6 players before the start of the energy tournament to earn additional rewards. It may contain the following items:
х 1.10
х 1.70
х 1.20
х 1.80
х 1.30
х 1.90
х 1.40
х 2.0
х 1.50
+2 energy
х 1.60
  • X - multiplier. Your earnings in $HAMC tokens, Experience points, and Lucky points won in the current tournament will increase according to the rolled multiplier.
  • +2 energies allow you to play 2 additional tournaments.
The percentage of rewards dropping in the Lootbox is indicated in the Success section, and the chances of getting improved rewards in the Lootbox can be increased by leveling up the Success characteristic.
When the Lootbox is drawn, users are presented with the Wheel of Fortune, displaying a diagram in various colors. Each user is represented by their own color, an avatar, and a nickname. The display also shows the user's Luck points and the percentage ratio compared to the total sum of all users' points.
The segment of the Wheel of Fortune diagram for each user is calculated using this formula:
Number of Luck points for the user divided by the total number of Luck points for all users at the table.
After receiving the Lootbox, all accumulated Luck points are reset for the user.