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Start Guidance

Getting Started with House of Hamsters
Step 1: Download and Register
  • Download the House of Hamsters game from Google Play or the App Store on your smartphone.
  • Create an account to enter the initial phase. (Please note: The app is currently in development.)
Step 2: Set Up Your Wallet
  • After registration, set up your wallet within the app.
  • Secure your access by writing down the 12-word seed phrase on paper in multiple places.
  • Safely store it offline – NEVER store it on digital devices or share it.
  • Beware that anyone with your seed phrase can access your wallet; changing your password won't prevent asset loss.
Step 3: Test the App with a Free Character
  • Right after sign-up, enjoy a complimentary non-NFT character, Hamster, and an energy boost.
  • Immerse yourself in the app, take on energy tournaments, and challenge rivals.
  • Aim for a top-three spot, honing strategic thinking by analyzing moves and making quick decisions.
Prior to each energy tournament, a Lootbox boosts earnings for one of six players.
Step 4: Acquire $HAMC Tokens
  • Secure top-three spots in energy tournaments for rewarding $HAMC token earnings.
  • Exchange BNB for $HAMC within our wallet to acquire tokens.
  • Ensure some BNB remains in your wallet for transaction fees.
Step 5: Boost Earnings with NFTs
Step 6: Warm-Up
  • While your Hamster generates energy, refine your skills in the training room.
  • Elevate gaming prowess and nurture strategic acumen.
Step 7: Infinite Earning Opportunities
  • Possessing $HAMC tokens grants access to the Battle for Tokens, featuring cash and poker games.
  • ⚠️ Note: Participation may lead to gaining or losing $HAMC tokens.
Step 8: Showcase Your Achievements
  • Share your wins and success on social media and invite friends to join.
  • Join the Referral Program by inviting others, friends and family to join the excitement.
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