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$HAMC Token

$HAMC Token: Powering the Hamster LTD Ecosystem
$HAMC is a token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and boasts an unlimited total supply. It operates as a digital asset within the BSC blockchain, serving as a cornerstone for the Hamster LTD ecosystem's in-game economy and enabling players to monetize their activities effectively.
The initial issuance of $HAMC stands at either 7,500,000 (Soft-cap) or 18,100,000 (Hard-cap), contingent on raised investments. In the initial phase following the Token Generation Event (TGE).
Early investors will be the sole token distributors during the initial phase after TGE (Token Generation Event).
The emission can be boosted through token minting, introducing new tokens with liquidity at a ratio of 1 HAMC = 1 USDT.

$HAMC Information Blockchain Network

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Total Supply: Unlimited

$HAMC Use Cases

  • Betting within HoH game
  • Trading purposes
  • Enhancing your Hamster
  • Minting new Hamsters
  • Restoring your Hamster's strength

Earning $HAMC

Earn $HAMC tokens within House of Hamsters by excelling in energy competitions and token-based games (cash games, tournaments). Secure 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in energy games to guarantee a specific number of tokens. Closer proximity to the top position leads to larger prize pools and increased token rewards. Selling NFT items and NFT Hamsters on the Marketplace also provides another avenue for earning $HAMC.
Advancing your Hamsters to higher levels requires a designated amount of $HAMC. Yet, achieving new levels augments your winnings and empowers you to enhance your character's attributes, rendering them more resilient, quicker, and luckier. This engaging mechanism acts as a robust incentive for utilizing tokens within the game, contributing to a steadfast token economy.
In summary, $HAMC stands as a promising token, brimming with diverse opportunities that should not be overlooked.